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The Wild Tudor Collection

The British famous designer, Mrs. Erika Parry designed a bouquet of traditional gardens in the Tudor Dynasty Era (1485-1603) When Shakespeare lived on the banks of Avon River, there were a lot of flowers in bloom, and at present, I can see this flower in the Shakespeare garden. This traditional design was reprinted and made in the UK.

The Cherry Blossom Collection

Designed in 2003 by Paul Hume. He is the chief designer of the Einzurei style. It took several years for Paul Hume to capture the short cherry tree flowering. It is a masterpiece that completed a compromise between East and West. The motif of the pale pink cherry blossoms and the leaves complement the role of the red cherry fruit which adds a pleasant accent. "Blooming Cherry Blossom" has also a Cherry tree swaying in the spring wind. The spring wind comes carrying the happiness of the season. We have reproduced the casual line of the traditional cherry blossom series.  

The Daisy Chain Collection

This fine bone china is adorned by daisy flowers designed by Miss Adel. This contemporary design brightens up your table for everyday dining.

The Eden Collection

The first setting of the Old Testament. It is the work of the bright colors of which the motif is the Garden of Eden that has become a paradise of pronoun. The 18th century treasured design of ancient documents. At the time the pattern had not been commercialized. One of the archived series was revived in 2009. The pattern of ancient documents of design  was hand painted to represent the Einzurei in the 18th century. There are still signs the picture represents the current Einzurei. It is an article that has been reprinted the original picture. 

The Elizabeth Rose Collection

The Elizabeth Rose was ordered by King George III in 1801. It was not very popular at its conception but was reprinted in 2003 in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation. The beautiful and gentle color tone of this design makes for an elegant tea time. 

The Pembroke Collection

Pembroke is the name of the capital city of South Wales, Brookshire. Pembroke Castle, which is the birthplace of Henry VII, has very good land and scenery. An 18th century designer who visited this land, with the eyes of a Japanese designer, created a piece that did not quite fit in the hand in the wake at that time. From the pleasure of longing of the orient it has been landed and was designed with the image of this Imari. Reprinted in the 1970s, it is now one of the works that represent Aynsley. 

The English Rose Collection

English Rose, translated from old english, means beautiful lady. The English Rose was produced by the United Kingdom Rose Nursery House and curated by David Austin in 1969.  It has captivated rose lovers around the world in the blink of an eye. Designer Jack Show drew the original picture in the 1990s. We have reprinted it in 2013 to model it like the original.  

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